From the recording Marks on the Wall


I was raised to know the importance of, doin things for yourself
From a single mom who taught me how, to open jars from top shelves
And when I met a man who wanted to help
I pushed him off like an angel in hell
But you, had a way, with me.
Wanted you to know I could do anything, climb to the top of any tree
Wanted you to see I could handle myself, shootin back old whiskey
And at the end of the day when it'd all fade away
I tried to remember the strength mama gave
But you, had a way, with me.
I remember hearin men weren't bad but they weren't somethin that I'd need
I remember how it drove you mad as stubborn as I'd be
And when I'd had enough and started to walk
My pride got in the way of that talk
But you, had a way, with me.
When the cracks set in and the light went out I opened up my eyes
To see the man who'd tried so hard had given up his fight
I know I pushed you away, couldn't ask you to stay
I'll always remember mistakes I made
But you, had a way, with me.